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AIS For Physios & Bodyworkers
27 & 28 April 2019 | RM1788

This is a 2-day intensive program providing students with highly relevant techniques in improving mobility and pain management.

AIS protocols have been used by top physios, chiropractors, and bodyworkers for more than 40 years and continues to be the go-to Rehabilitation program for Olympic athletes as well as many of the biggest names in World sport.

Intro To AIS & Neuromuscular Condtioning
18 May 2019 | RM640

This 1-day course is an introduction to Aaron Mattes’ modality of Active Isolated Stretching. We will start by learning some simple assessment techniques to evaluate dysfunction in the hips and shoulders before moving on to building practical protocols to improve joint range of motion and function. From an anatomical perspective, we will be looking at the most common causes of pain and movement dysfunction, why they happen and how to correct them. From a practical perspective: Which muscles to stretch, which to foam roll, which typically need activation and which to strengthen.