The Stretch Clinic Academy Introductory Weekend


1 program: RM 399
2 programs: RM 699
3 programs: RM 899
4 programs: RM 999

*Price excludes 8% SST

Don’t miss out on this exclusive weekend of learning! Our Chief Therapist, Liam, will be teaching you techniques that are integral to The Stretch Clinic’s clinical practice. Our 4 introductory programs are catered to give those in the health and wellness industry a chance to experience a variety of manual therapy approaches before signing up for the more advanced levels. This is also a fantastic opportunity for physical and manual therapists, coaches, trainers and bodyworkers to learn, network and build relationships with other practitioners in the industry.

Location: Stretch & Flow @ Damansara Heights




The 4 introductory programs are:

  1. Manual Rehab Therapy
  2. Neuromuscular conditioning
  3. Tendon Release Technique
  4. Sports Massage

Educator: Liam Harkness



Manual Rehab Therapy (Sat, 20th Apr @ 9am – 1pm)
Manual rehab therapy is a muscle activation technique that focuses on building muscle strength in both the primary movers of the body and the joint stabilizers that hold our form and posture. The exercises you will learn will transform your approach to injury prevention and performance, and are also excellent tools for hyper-mobile patients and the elderly.

Suitable for: physical therapists, fitness trainers


Neuromuscular Conditioning (Sat, 20th Apr @ 2pm – 6pm)
Neuromuscular conditioning is a combination of active isolated stretching and muscle activation techniques that are our signature therapy at the clinic. In this class, we will discuss the science behind the biomechanical principles that make it very effective in opening up the body, while also exploring the manual techniques and their application in pain management.

Suitable for: physical & manual therapists, fitness trainers


Tendon Release Technique (Sun, 21st Apr @ 9am – 1pm)
Tendon release technique is an essential tool for restoring balance in an overworked body. The tools you will learn will help you relax the nervous system and bring patients back to parasympathetic dominance where the body can rest and repair. This program is essential if you are treating patients with the kind of stress that takes the body out of balance causing postural joint pain, anxiety and digestive disorders.

Suitable for: physical & manual therapists


Sports Massage (Sun, 21st Apr @ 2pm – 6pm)
Our sports massage program will take your palpation and manual therapy skills to the next level. This introductory class is the first in our certification series, designed to give participants all the necessary skills required to work at the very highest levels of the sports performance industry.

Suitable for: physical & manual therapists, fitness trainers



Liam Harkness I.I.S.T

Liam graduated as a Sports Therapist in 1995 and has spent almost 30 years building a reputation as one of the most highly regarded therapists in Asia. Liam began teaching in 2015 and has presented at Sports medical conventions and Physiotherapy conferences all across Asia and the Middle East. He has also taught educational workshops for National Sports institutes and Hospitals on topics as far ranging as Biomechanics for injury prevention to advanced techniques for manual therapy. Liam is the founder of The Stretch Clinic and has a wealth of knowledge and a passion for sharing techniques and approaches to clinical practice that you will not find anywhere else!


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