Meet The Stretch Clinic team

Founder / Chief Therapist, The Stretch Clinic Kuala Lumpur

Liam graduated as a Sports Therapist in the UK in 1995 and has spent the last 20 years building his reputation as one of the finest therapists in Asia. In 2012 Liam travelled to Florida to study and work with Aaron Mattes the founder of Active Isolated Stretching (AIS). Under Aaron’s tutelage, Liam developed his approach to sports performance and rehabilitation by learning to optimize force distribution during movement. These biomechanical principles are the foundation of AIS and by 2015 Liam was invited to present his work at Sports Medical conventions and Physiotherapy conferences. In 2016 Liam opened up The Stretch Clinic in Malaysia which uses AIS protocols to improve athletic performance, treat injuries and manage chronic pain.

All the assessments and treatment plans used in The Stretch Clinic are designed by Liam to ensure a high level of care and fast effective recovery. The therapists are also hand-picked and trained to international standards so that patients can expect the very best care on their journey to better health.

Liam currently spends his time between working in the clinic in Kuala Lumpur and travelling to work with high profile clients in Europe and the Middle East. His client list includes World champions, Olympic gold medal winners and Champions league winning football stars as well as members of several Royal families and Heads of State. It is our hope that when people hear about The Stretch Clinic, our name will inspire hope and be synonymous with fast, effective results for all of your health and wellness goals.

Chiropractor, The Stretch Clinic Kuala Lumpur

Brenda is a chiropractor trained in Melbourne (Australia) with a Masters of Clinical Chiropractic as well as a Bachelor of Health Science (Chiropractic). She is also a registered member of the Chiropractic Board of Australia and Malaysia. Brenda is experienced and successful in family health, neck and back pain relief, headaches/migraines, and expecting moms-to-be. She provides safe, gentle and effective chiropractic adjustments using the Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT), Thompson, Activator and Cranial techniques through her post-graduate training.

Lead Therapist, The Stretch Clinic Kuala Lumpur

Pei Woon graduated with a BSc. (Hons) in Physiotherapy from Teesside University and possesses more than 10 years of experience in this industry. Upon graduating in 2011, she spent the first 6 years in a hospital setting in which she worked with different Orthopaedic surgeons, Neurologists, Cardiologists and Rehabilitation specialists. During this time, Pei Woon worked on pre & post-surgery patients which included trauma cases, stroke, spinal cord injuries and those experiencing chronic musculoskeletal pain. 

Having joined The Stretch Clinic team in 2017, Pei Woon’s extensive knowledge and experience combined with The Stretch Clinic’s holistic approach to treatment and emphasis on improving overall health has allowed her to further develop her abilities and skills to diagnose and tailor treatment programs that helps a client’s recovery. Through her practice of craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation techniques, Pei Woon is able to help a client recover faster from injury and trauma.

With Pei Woon’s continuous growth and success throughout the years, she now holds the position of Head of Physiotherapy at The Stretch Clinic, where she mentors her colleagues and oversees their progression as well as their clients. Pei Woon is registered with the Malaysian Physiotherapy Association (MPA).

Physiotherapist, The Stretch Clinic Kuala Lumpur

After graduating as a Physiotherapist, Fahmi worked as a personal trainer. He was first introduced to Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) when he began to experience pain at his shoulders from training. After the first session, he knew it was a skill set that could greatly benefit his clients and so he enrolled on an AIS course to fulfill his passion of using movement as a form of rehabilitation.

Fahmi wishes to increase his client’s awareness of the importance of exercising smartly and safely. His knowledge of fitness gives him a better understanding when treating patients with sports and movement related injuries.

Fahmi specializes in rehabilitation, injury prevention, and corrective exercises.

Physiotherapist, The Stretch Clinic Kuala Lumpur

Raveena graduated from INTI International University and obtained a BSC (Hons) in Physiotherapy. She has worked in a private practice for 4 years where she developed extensive experience treating patients with musculoskeletal pain and neurological issues. Raveena is also passionate about sports and working with sports injuries.

She specialises in Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), Kinesio taping and Dry Needling.

Lead Therapist, The Stretch Clinic Kuala Lumpur

Jasmine graduated from Northumbria University in 2014 with a BSc. (Hons) in Physiotherapy. Upon graduating, Jasmine spent 5 years working with a spine and joint specialist clinic, where she built a thorough understanding of the musculoskeletal system with an emphasis on spinal and joint-related conditions; scoliosis diagnosis & treatment, slip disc of the neck & lower back, and degenerative joints & tendinopathy. 

Since coming to The Stretch Clinic in 2019, Jasmine’s abilities and specialty has extended to working with people who have acute injuries & pain, chronic problems, adolescents and adults presenting with scoliosis, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, and pre & post-natal clients. 

At present, Jasmine is a member of the Malaysian Physiotherapy Association (MPA) and holds an advisory role in the Malaysia Physiotherapy Student Association (MPTSA).

Senior Physiotherapist, The Stretch Clinic Kuala Lumpur

Jade graduated from Northumbria University in 2015 with a BSc. (Hons) in Physiotherapy. Having worked closely with an Orthopaedic surgeon in a sports medicine and rehabilitation centre for over 6 years, Jade has extensive experience in treating sport-related injuries and musculoskeletal conditions of the back, shoulders and knees.

Joining The Stretch Clinic team in 2021, Jade assesses and treat clients presenting with acute injuries & pain. Understanding that every condition is unique and everyone responds differently to treatment, she takes her time to educate each client to ensure they fully understand their injury and will provide a tailored approach to each in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Her clientele includes recreational and professional youth & adult athletes, as well as those living a sedentary lifestyle.

To better help her clients take on an active involvement in their recovery, Jade plans on delving further into functional movement and corrective exercise techniques. Additionally, she is actively pursuing an interest in treating pre & post-natal clients, and plans on furthering her dry needling skills.

Jade is also a registered member of the Malaysian Physiotherapy Association (MPA).

Senior Physiotherapist, The Stretch Clinic Kuala Lumpur

Sim Li graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2015 with a BSc. (Hons) in Physiotherapy. Upon graduating, Sim Li spent a few years working at different physiotherapy clinics, where she was exposed to assessing and treating various musculoskeletal conditions. 

Having been a part of The Stretch Clinic team since 2019, Sim Li has an expansive repertoire of services offered and attracts a diverse clientele; from those looking to work through niggling aches and pains from living an active or sedentary lifestyle, to clients who want a safe space to unwind and relax. 

At present, Sim Li’s interest in treating musculoskeletal conditions is centered around injuries to the neck and back. She has also discovered a knack for helping her clients alleviate their headaches and migraines through manual therapy. Coupled with a gentle but firm touch, Sim Li incorporates teaching proper breathing patterns and postural correction to her clients to aid their recovery. In addition to her manual therapy work, Sim Li also offers kinesio taping and dry needling in her sessions.

Sim Li is a registered member of the Malaysian Physiotherapy Association (MPA).

Senior Physiotherapist, The Stretch Clinic Kuala Lumpur

Yunn graduated from University Tunku Abdul Rahman with a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy and joined TSC in 2019. She has more than 5 years of clinical experience in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries specialising also in geriatric care. As a fitness enthusiast her regular weight lifting, HIIT training and Yoga have given her valuable insight into movement mechanics and rehabilitation. She is a great source of knowledge in sports injuries and uses manual therapy and movement-based rehab with AIS protocols to help her clients recover and return to pain free play.

Since joining the stretch clinic she has developed a keen interest in pre and postnatal care and has also taken up dry needling and. Yunn believes that connecting with nature is one of the best ways to heal and recharge and on her off days she loves to venture into the great outdoors. She loves hiking and jungle trekking and never misses an opportunity to snorkel.

Yunn is also a registered member of Malaysian Physiotherapy Association.

Physiotherapist, The Stretch Clinic Kuala Lumpur

Jynn graduated with a BSc. (Hons) in Physiotherapy from Mahsa University and had completed over 1000 hours of clinical training in various hospitals in Malaysia prior to joining The Stretch Clinic in 2022.

Jynn is passionate about working with patients suffering from exercise-related strains and recurring sports injuries. Having played golf from a young age, her experiences combined with her physiotherapy training has sparked her interest in the study of human movement. This is further translated into her spending time honing her skills in building performance and rehabilitation programs.

Jynn believes that a combination of manual therapy and strength training keeps the body in the balance you need to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle well into old age.

Physiotherapist, The Stretch Clinic Kuala Lumpur

After graduating from MAHSA University in 2021, Sarah spent 2 years working at an orthopaedic clinic, gaining valuable experience in the treatment of spinal-related conditions. During this time, Sarah developed a strong interest in manual therapy and in having a holistic approach to her work. In 2023, she joined The Stretch Clinic to further expand her approach and build on her assessment skills and palpation techniques.

Sarah is a natural nurturer which brings an extra dimension to her sessions; clients have expressed feeling a deep sense of personalised care and compassion during treatment.

Sarah is a member of the Malaysian Physiotherapy Association (MPA), a Certified Mulligan Practitioner (CMP), and has a passion for dance that inspires her to incorporate principles of balance, coordination and flexibility into her sessions.

Physiotherapist, The Stretch Clinic Kuala Lumpur

Sarmitha graduated from Mahsa University and obtained a BSC( Hons) in Physiotherapy. She completed her clinical hours in various government hospitals in Malaysia and also had the benefit of training in Perth Australia at a clinic specialising in sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions. Sarmitha has a strong interest in manual therapies and mobilisations to get the best results for her patients. She has also been an active member of the Malaysian Physiotherapy Association since 2016.

She specialises in Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) , Kinesio taping and therapeutic massage.

Physiotherapist, The Stretch Clinic Kuala Lumpur

Venetta graduated from Ramsay Sime Darby healthcare college with a Diploma in Physiotherapy. After graduating in 2017, Venetta started building her skills in treating musculoskeletal conditions using manual therapy techniques and massage. She has strong interest in pain management and is becoming an expert in solving lower back & knee pain cases.

V, as she is known in the clinic, uses AIS protocols & various massage techniques to help achieve the best results for her clients. She has a passion for all types of massage and is trained in lymphatic, sports & therapeutic treatments.

Physiotherapist, The Stretch Clinic Kuala Lumpur

Ving graduated with a BSc. (Hons) in Physiotherapy from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. Prior to joining The Stretch Clinic, she worked in various hospital settings gaining valuable experience in pediatrics and pulmonary care.

Her love of extreme sports and the great outdoors ignited an interest in physical performance and the often untapped potential of the human body. As a result, she is drawn towards the study of enhancing movement using posture to improve mechanical efficiency.

Ving believes that by incorporating AIS and other movement-based modalities into her sessions, she can make a positive impact on her patient’s pain levels and quality of life.